2. structure

i would have made the whole thing out of wood … but, as it took two strong men to lift this thing up in the end … im SUPER glad i opted for aluminium:

Now, a looooong time ago (about 7 years back) i built a CNC machine from scratch …. but just before that, i bought one, off a lying PRICK, who sold me a very expensive pile of ingredients to build the worlds WORST CNC machine .. i knew very little about CNC machines or how to build them at the start .. (which is why he was able to sell me such a pile of crap) BUT, by the end of the process, having pulled his apart, i knew JUST enough to build a perfectly good one of my own design …

…it also left me with several VERY long sections of aluminium extrduded section ..

i use fusion360 for pretty much everything now so i zapped up a construction plan in that and got going.

id ended up with a bunch of ‘lazy susan’ bearings kicking about that i had recovered from a skip (yep, im one of those guys – btw you can by these cheaply on amazon – didnt know that -) – never throw anything away folks 🙂 which i though might be handy as a lens attachment thingy, to allow levelling on tilted surfaces. id also noticed that the front of my washer dryer looked quite like the front of a camera lens – so i thought ‘ maybe if a mirror finish that with some one way film i can just put the DSLR inside and presto’ … well .. it KINDA worked, but the images just lost way too much ‘crispness’ due to the crappy nature of the glass/plastic it was having to take pictures through, and frankly, if im using a DSLR i want ‘DSLR finish’ photos. so i scrapped that idea ….(so glad i bought a washer dryer door for the purpose !!) . but then really wanted to try something ‘cooler’ …. honestly folks .. there is a LOT of truth to the old saying KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID !! .. .

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