4. Software setup

this was my first use of a DSLR in a photobooth – id been using webcams/ip-cams for my other projects as resolution wasnt as critical and water proofing was.

so this was actually slightly easier as i didnt have to have any third party software translating images into compatible formats etc etc .. HOWEVER .. i then introduced the automatic gallery sync system just to re-add many headaches.


without that part everything else (including the ftp to server) was handled by good ol’ Rightbooth .. and, once again, if i needed something specific, Nigel came hurtling to my aid on the back of his programming steed to save the day.

there were a few stages to the process – but essentially

rightbooth would take the picture

rightbooth would then reduce the picture and watermark it

rightbooth would then copy it to a local network folder so that another instance of rightbooth could display images in a carousel type slideshow in an adjacent room for guests to see live as the pics were taken.(well a few minutes after anyway)

rightbooth would then reduce the images slightly more and ftp them up to a specific folder on my server space.

then my wordpress and wp folder sync plugin would take over and constantly (well, every 2 or 3 minutes) check to see if anything new was on the server, and if it was it would create a copy and add it to the gallery page of the website.


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