6. power supplies

as with most of my projects there was a requirement for several different supplies.




however – some items required more ‘ampage’ or a stable supply – so various regulators / step up/down bucks were used.

i basically spent my life on amazon .. but these parts should be available fairly easily elsewhere.

the main source was a 12v supply usually used for cnc machines etc .. having 32amps i was hoping it would be man enough.

i screwed a 6 socket gang socket (240v) into the enclosure and then powered the pc from that .. the 32amp 12v was used for anything – erm – 12v

and then i either used usb plug adapters or 12v-5v bucks to get 5v where needed.

the lens needed to be detachable – so i used a coily version of the 12 pin plugs/sockets that are used for caravans/trailers on cars.

i also needed to run signal and power up to the flash .. this was achieved – in a fairly ugly way – basically the cables where just run from the lens to the flash unit .. which had to be unbolted and disconnected along with the lens .. which was a right pain .. but i just didn’t have time/money/inclination to come up with anything better at the time .. i was already using a hot shoe extension cable (which had a hit and miss connection) and i didnt fancy hacking it with so little time to fix/replace it .. but ideally i would have had a plug and socket solution for disconnecting the flash.

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