3. Options

so many options could have been employed – the main one of which would be to use a camlink 4k (only recently tested – so, y’know, HINDSIGHT to give a ‘live’ view of the shutter opening perhaps? .. or a better version of the flash or – – – loads of stuff ! 🙂

fair to say though this could have been achieved with a much lighter build and a more exacting mechanism

possibly just a nice round glass one way mirror as a one way lens would have been fine .. but id failed with the plastic door and changed to the ‘shutter’ idea in one fell swoop and needed to just crack on … time was slipping by fast.

lighter sections would have helped – this thing was ALMOST unmanageable – even in two or three pieces.

i had started off with all my random enclosures as i was trying to keep all the electronics water tight .. but frankly – if it was going to be indoors it wouldn’t have needed it…. on the day though, it WAS outdoors and it DID piss down – so im glad i bothered with the IP rated enclosures ! 🙂

I opted for painted foam to finish this off (quite badly as it turns out) but that was an attempt to save some weight, and to give it a fairly robust and easy to dismantle/assemble (using coloured tape) bent.

i also looked at using a mobile phone as the capture device – – the software would have been used to trigger the shots – but then the camera shutter on the phone (just a broken out earphone/mic volume cable on an android) and then a web-server run on the phone to ping the pics wherever i wanted – – but frankly – i was still running out of time … so i left it.

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