15. automatic online gallery

the plan was to have a bunch of different options for guests at the wedding .. with upload and download capabilities, but i left myself a fair few contingencies as i had almost zero optomism that any of this would be working in time.

the system revolves around getting the images to a known location on a pc on the network.

then automating the file transfer direct to a known folder on a server (rightbooth can do all of this nativyly if needed)

and then using a third party plugin .. (i only found two in all my hunting, and only one of them worked vagukey reliably) to sync that folder with a gallery page on a website


one of the key things you’ll need for this is server space and a wordpress website .

if you dont know how to do this bit, its another hill to climb BUT its relatively strtaight forward … and or you can always pay a small internet compmay to create one for you

i was lucky enough to be in a position where i could create a website specifically for my wedding and then tag a wordpress site on (as an afterthought) as i work with websites/server space all day long.

the plugin is called WP Folder Gallery and there is a free and a ‘pro’ version .. and even though its not perfect yet, the creator has been really helpful in applying tweaks and fixes as time has marched on.

the wife (to be) and i kept re-visiting what we thought the best workflow would be for our guests .. and although we really liked the fact that pro booth operators gave guests awesome prints to come away with, there was no way i could stretch to a decent printer – so we opted for just having it all online … what we wanted to avoit was having to have guests login to find pics .. so with tht e auto gallery, guests could just go straight to9 a published url and find the images as they were created.

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